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Times of Malta

The architect attempting to ‘rebalance’ Comino

Antonio Belvedere uses terms like “horizontality”, “context” and “true moral obligations” when he talks about his firm’s design of a €120 million project for a new hotel on the island of Comino to replace the old one.


Watch: “The Comino Hotel project aims to be Zero Net Carbon” – Antonio Belvedere, lead architect

During the interview, Borg asks Belvedere a number of questions, including whether or not there will be any land reclamation, how the carbon footprint of the new development been calculated and if the skyline will be altered in any way.

Space Magazine

Petra Deuter, Chief Executive Officer, HV Hospitality

To some, taking on a new role in the hospitality industry to build and develop a new brand might seem a daunting prospect while the effects of the pandemic are still rife, but for Petra Deuter the opportunity was irresistible. Here she tells Sophie Harper why.


Petra Deuter, new CEO of HV Hospitality

Building a new luxury hotel brand is a dream come true for Petra Deuter, who began her impressive travel career with Luftansa and has gone on to do everything from own an art gallery to advising on hospitality start-ups and managing portfolios of luxury hotels for the likes of Accor, Highgate and most recently L+R Hotels, where she oversaw their portfolio of iconic luxury properties in Europe. We chat with Petra about her new role as CEO of HV Hospitality, the Malta-based investment company, her career journey, and trends she sees for the industry.