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Our Vision for the Comino Hotel

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Our desire is to offer extraordinary destinations and thoughtful luxury hospitality, providing entirely new experiences.

The new Comino Hotel is being designed by world-renowned architect Antonio Belvedere and is currently in the planning phase.

The project intends to exceed the expectations of the environment-conscious luxury traveller with the qualitative operating specifications and standards of a 5-star hospitality destination.

It will be a true sustainable luxury escape that appeals to all the senses. Located within a Natura 2000 site, this project is aiming to achieve LEED classification. Guests will come to experience the mystical, natural, tranquility, crystal clear blue waters, spectacular views, breath-taking sunset and Malta’s highest level of service, standards and care.

Great attention will be exercised in preserving the natural ecology, pristine seashore, clear Mediterranean waters and untouched strands of sandy beaches. The social and rich cultural history as well as the traditions of this unique destination will always be preserved and protected.

This unique property will offer guests a choice between hotel suites and serviced retreats. Set on well-preserved land, this stunning destination will boast traditions and characteristics for a truly memorable guest experience. Featuring a spa, destination restaurant and an outstanding array of cultural and leisure activities, this sustainable concept is designed to inspire and enlighten.

Cuisine will be a different approach that will offer a wide variety of dishes with the best fresh produce supplied by the Maltese farming community.

71 hotel suites nestled into the landscape will guarantee views out onto the Mediterranean from private terraces. Each will provide internal space of between 50 and 85 square metres, designed with a fine palette of materials to create a luxurious comfortable stay and which will feel like an extension of Comino island’s beauty. There will be a crafted opening blur of the boundaries between outdoor and indoor space which encourage star gazing and total emersion with nature. Ground floor suites will have private infinity pools.

All guests will enjoy exclusive access to the San Niklaw Bay beach.

The retreats will be a collection of 19 suites, showcasing an average of 700 square metres of exquisite space. Located a stone’s throw away from the beautiful Santa Maria Bay, all retreats will have breath-taking, unobstructed sea views and offer prime seclusion.

The design of the retreats will ensure harmony between built and natural environment, based on comprehensive design guidelines and operating standards.


Located between Malta and Gozo lies the uninhabited and secluded island of Comino. A tranquil haven, Comino boasts bright turquoise waters, a rugged landscape, spectacular panoramas, and indigenous biodiversity. Comino is home to the Blue Lagoon, a natural sea pool of unique azure colour providing one of the best swimming and diving locations in the Mediterranean.

Dominant is a sea breeze scent of wild thyme across the undulating landscape and shallow, crystal-clear waters. Protected by the Natura 2000 preservation protocol, it is home to marine species, diverse flora and wildlife. The island consists almost entirely of coralline limestone and the landscape is dominated by sloping hills, valleys, sandy bays and inlets that surround the island. It is accessible by a 15-minute boat ride from Malta or Gozo. 

During the last 2,300 years Comino has been inhabited by farmers, some of whom were attacked by pirates who used the island’s natural cliffs and caves to stage a surprise assault. During the time of the Knights, Comino became one large recreational ground while the Comino Tower was manned.

In the Middle Ages Comino was used as a place of exile – the famous prophet Abraham Abulafia is said to have written the Imre Shefer while there. There is a collection of landmarks on Comino, remnants of its military past. St Mary’s Tower (1416) and St Mary’s Battery (1716) are the most well-known. A tiny chapel is dedicated to the Sacred Family Upon Its Return from Egypt. Comino has also been the location for Hollywood movies including Troy, The Count of Monte Cristo, and Swept Away.

The island’s climate is typical of the Mediterranean and is strongly influenced by the sea. Pleasantly sunny with hot day-time temperatures mitigated by a cool sea breeze is typical for summer days. Spring and autumn are cooler yet mild.