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The Maltese Islands lie at the centre of the Mediterranean Sea, and consist of three islands: Malta, Gozo and Comino. With a population of 500,000 and 10 months of annual sunshine, the Maltese Islands continue to be a top tourism and business services destination.

With an area of just 3.5 sq. kms, Comino is a gem in the Mediterranean. A tranquil haven, with bright turquoise waters, spectacular views and a rugged landscape, making it the idyllic location to create an exclusive luxury destination.

Few are the places with waters so azure that are so secluded yet so accessible from most European cities and even fewer are those that give access to a truly incredible coastline, an authentic Mediterranean cultural immersion and the ability to easily explore magnificent heritage sites whilst residing in a protected bird sanctuary.  Comino provides for endless emotions and a perfect escape where you can be at one with yourself and experience true mindfulness.

Comino Hotel
& Villas

Perspective of hotel waterfront from San Niklaw bay looking west
Perspective of hotel from hillside looking south
Hotel waterfront looking south

The new Comino hotel will feature a central foyer and restaurant, a spa, and an underlying basement for an electro-mechanical plant. Seventy luxury rooms and suites with swimming pools at ground floor level and terraces on the upper floors will be laid out on a building gross floor area of around 6,488 square metres and an external area of around 8,064 square metres.

The design team is led by world-renowned architect Antonio Belvedere (former partner of the Renzo Piano Building Workshop) who is committed to deliver a project that blends with the natural environment.

HV Hospitality has also engaged ARUP, one of the world’s leading engineering practices, with a brief to capture sustainable design strategies. The development aims to be ‘Zero-Net-Carbon’ with a focus on two major actions: develop a passive building and use the local forces to produce energy. As a self-sustainable, carbon neutral, LEED platinum-certified building, the hotel is set to increase the economic benefits of tourism for the local community and aims to encourage socially- and environmentally-responsible travel-buying decisions on a wider level.

The new villas will consist of a cluster of 21 residences, on a building gross floor area of circa 5,211m2.

Work on demolition and construction will commence after planning permission is obtained. From this point, the project will take approximately two years to complete.

Essentially, the new Comino Hotel & Villas will occupy the same square meterage as the current properties and disturbed land will be reduced by at least 5,000 square metres. There will be no land reclamation and the original concession will be respected.

HV Hospitality has set out to respect all aspects of the Natura 2000 Management Plan and any other plans that are relevant to Comino.