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HV Hospitality Welcomes Court of Appeal Decision on Comino Project

June 13, 2024: HV Hospitality welcomes the decision taken by the Court of Appeal on the Comino Project this week which re-confirms the adequacy and good standing of the environmental studies carried out so far.

The environmental studies carried out to date on the proposed development  have been confirmed as correct by the Environment and Resources Authority, the Environment and Planning Review Tribunal, and now by the Court of Appeal.

HV Hospitality takes its Natura 2000 responsibilities very seriously and is investing in the redevelopment of the Comino hotel and bungalows not only on a smaller footprint than the existing buildings but also through the use of materials, technology and design which are compatible with the Natura 2000 status of the sites            . 

Contrary to the claims made by the objecting NGOs, this project will increase the protected garigue habitat and reduce the land taken up from the coastline. This project will restore over 8,244 sqm of built-up area back to its natural state through an unprecedented regeneration process involving, amongst others, more than 55,000 endemic trees, shrubs and plants. 

HV Hospitality has partnered with Six Senses precisely to ensure that the site does not turn into a commercial village but into a carefully maintained and protected eco-luxury resort that can help Malta take a big step towards low-impact quality tourism.

HV Hospitality now  looks forward to a decision by the Planning Authority. It remains open to dialogue with the NGOs.